Xambo is a supplement in which we have incorporated many high level ingredients, which have been scientifically tested to assure that we have a very good and responsive formula.  Xambo is a natural product, which is free of any drugs.  For best results you should use the product daily according to the label claim.

This formulation achieves a synergy between the ingredients that triggers a series of events that makes your mind feel that you are not hungry.  Therefore, it will result in your daily calorie intake to be less.  It is scientifically proven that if you intake less calories a day it can help with your weight loss goal.

How does XAMBO work:
Because of our active lifestyles, we intake nutrients, which are of low-level nutrients and do not provide enough energy to our bloodstream.  This generates production of gastric ghrelin (a hormone produced by the stomach cell type).  These hormone triggers a series of contractions that stimulate the release of gastric fluids that create the sensation of hunger.

Other factors that influence hunger are glucose, insulin and glucagon, because when glucose levels fall, the pancreas releases glucagon, which stimulates the pancreas to produce glucose from glycogen stored, and when insulin levels fall more slowly glucose enters the cell and appears hungry.

Hunger is sensed by a part of our brain called the hypothalamus, when stimulated the lateral hypothalamus, signals hunger through ghrelin released for our brain as a neurotransmitter. The hypothalamus regulates hunger, appetite and satiety through Cholecystokinin called peptide hormones and CCK. CCK reduces the gastric contractions and sends satiety signals to the brain.

It is at this point where Xambo acts by inhibiting the stimulation of the "lateral hypothalamus" and minimizing the sensation of hunger. So at this lack of hunger, our body reacts, your body starts to consume or use your body sugar which you have reserve and when depleted, your body begins to break down your fat stores (lipolysis), which when degraded these release a substance called ketone, which suppresses appetite.

Contraindications: Patients with uncontrolled chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, transplant, heart failure patients with chronic kidney disease or those who are on dialysis. Pregnant women should avoid until they have given birth and are not breastfeeding.  If you are Allergic to shellfish or seafood due to the content of Chitosan, you cannot take this product.

Side effects: Initially the first days you may experience Anxiety, tachycardia, sweating, headaches or feel generally ill these effects will go away.
Dosage: Take one tablet every day, 1 hour after the morning meal.
IMPORTANT. Do not consume more than one tablet during the day.
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